Mendix version upgrade from 7.23.15 to 8.18.19

Hi All,   I have converted my application from 7.23.15 to 8.18.19 where the float value is deprecated in mendix 8 , I have converted all of them to decimal but I am facing below error message while trying to commit object in one of my java action. I have checked the entity class where the datatype of that attribute is Big decimal. Error : The given value '2439.402' with type 'class java.lang.Double' is not of the same type as the member corresponding with the given member name 'attribute name”   Please let me know if you have any idea where I went wrong.
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You can convert a Double to a BigDecimal in Java using the BigDouble.valueOf() method.

You will need to go into your Java code to change the uses of Double to BigDecimal. If the only Java actions you have in your application are from Marketplace Modules you can probably just upgrade the modules as the authors will have done the work already.

Good luck!