Sorting the order of the lines from the Simple CSV exporter.

Hi All   We are creating a csv file from a list. The header row of the list has to be first row as the csv is used to update a different system. We sort the list before we link it to the Helper Object and feed it into the java action that creates the csv file.   When we open the csv the header is never the first row in the list, it is always on a different row number.  I have added a sort object and that does not work, I have opened the file with different applications.    How do i sort the rows of the simple csv exporter so my header row can always be the first row?   Regards, Patrick
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it’s not an optimal solution, 

but I had a similar problem and I solved it by creating the header and adding it to csv before the list of objects, this solved my problem.

this is an example of what I mean:



I used the a excel template from the XLSReport Module.


But thank you for the help. I also thought about that. :-)