App version upgraded from 9.1.1. to 9.22 | objectHasChanged

Hi,   I have a question on the “objectHasChanged”  Java actions of the Community Commons module. When the app was upgraded (to 9.22), this function is not probably working right, as it is identifying all the unchanged objects to changed. This is creating knock on effect on the everyday snapshots  as previously, this would have resulted in the member state remaining ‘UNCHANGED’.     Can  you  suggest to use any alternate java action or how to resolve this issue?
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The behaviour of the Mendix runtime changed in Mendix 9.5 so all changes are tracked. See the breaking changes section in the release notes.

This change in functionality is also mentioned in the documentation for objectHasChanged.

For Mendix < 9.5 this action keeps track of changes to the object except when 'changing to the same value'. For Mendix >= 9.5 this action keeps track of all changes. This is a result of a change of the underlying Mendix runtime-server behaviour.

I hope this helps.