Java Action for excel export

Hi, I am trying to create a colorful Excel template with data, so I have used Java action for the same purpose. in __ProdPlanHelper the data I am able to fetch from the microflow into the java action. but for ProdPlanHelper the vaue is coming as NULL. public ExcelToExport_HCProdPlan(IContext context, IMendixObject ProdPlanHelper, java.util.List<IMendixObject> MealTimeList, IMendixObject Excel_Doc, java.lang.String SiteName)     {         super(context);         this.__ProdPlanHelper = ProdPlanHelper;         this.__MealTimeList = MealTimeList;         this.__Excel_Doc = Excel_Doc;         this.SiteName = SiteName;     }     @java.lang.Override     public IMendixObject executeAction() throws Exception     {         this.ProdPlanHelper = this.__ProdPlanHelper == null ? null : hccilantro.proxies.ProductionPlan.initialize(getContext(), __ProdPlanHelper);   The microflow is contatining the data, also the java action is having the data but unable to assign the data to ProdPlanHelper. Any suggestions please.
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