Alternative method for Core.retrieveXPathQueryEscaped() in Mendix 8+ version

Hi Team,  Can anyone please help me to fix below error? error: cannot find symbol     [javac]             members = Core.retrieveXPathQueryEscaped(c, "//%s[%s='%s']", Member.getType(), Member.MemberNames.member_owner.toString(), String.valueOf(in.getMendixObject().getId().toLong()));   P.S: We are upgrading the app from version 7.4 to 8.18   Regards, Swathi J
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Core.retrieveXPathQueryEscaped was deprecated in Mendix 7. The replacement call is Core.createXPathQuery.

You’ll need to refactor the query syntax you are using, but it’s very similar.

If this error is coming from a Marketplace module, try looking for the latest version of the module there and upgrading to that.

Good luck!