How to use data from the dataset?

I have created a Data_set using an OQL-query, but how do I ruse the generated data?   I know that I should use a java-action, but I cannot find how exactly. Who could please advise?
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Here you go:

  1. Create a Non Persistent entity with attributes the column names of the dataset, so CoO, Tariff_number, Cons_customs_val etc. These are case sensitive.
  2. Download the OQL module from the marketplace if you didn't already.
  3. Make a microflow
  4. Create one object of the entity of step 1and call CommunityCommons.getTypeAsString for the variable entityname.
  5. Call OQL.ExecuteOQLStatement Add your dataset as full qualified name (e.g. MyModule.Consolidation)
  6. Add the variable from step 4 as the ReturnEntity parameter.
  7. Fill the rest of the parameters. Be sure not to create too much objects for memory limits.

The results is a list of NP objects.

Don't forget error handling.