Running and debugging Mendix using IntelliJ

I've been trying to get Mendix to work using IntelliJ, but I cannot manage to get it to work. I've found a few forum posts talking about this subject, but none of them really describe the exact steps to make it work and/or are extremely outdated. Such as:   What I've done so far: - Deploy the project for Eclipse - Open the project in IntelliJ - Trying to create a run configuration, using "application" and the JDK included with Studio pro   It says that it cannot find the main class. I've tried locating it manually, but the default class is supposed to be ' org.apache.felix.main.Main' according to this post and that doesn't exist. Do I have to build it from IntelliJ as well, and if so, how do I configure the project so that it can build the module?   Any help would be greatly appreciated!  
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Hi Robert,


I believe if you follow these steps you will be able to debug your app with IntelliJ.

  1. On your studio pro, go to your Configurations. 
  2. Go to Server tab
  3. Add the following to the text box Extra JVM Parameters: 





      4. Deploy your app for Eclipse

      5. On IntelliJ open your branch folder

      6. Add new configuration

      7. You should choose to add Remote JVM Debug

      8. It should have the default settings with the above comment line arguments that you entered to your server configurations

      9. Apply and save the configurations



Once you set this up, first you need to run your Studio Pro, then add you breakpoints on IntelliJ and click on the debugger button. If you try to do it without running your app on Studio Pro, it will not find the port 5005 and will not be able to connect to debugger.


Hope this helps.