Facing issues while returning the object from another class in Java action

Hi Team, I'm currently facing an issue while attempting to return the txBuffer and rxBuffer string values, which are attributes of the ConnectionTCP class object, from external class files using a Java action in Mendix. I've created a JAR file, imported it into our project's userlib folder, and successfully tested the code in Eclipse IDE. However, when executing the same code from a custom Java action in Mendix, I'm unable to obtain the expected result. Instead, I'm getting a null value as a result. For your reference, I'm providing the relevant code snippet below. Can anyone help me identify and fix the issue?   Code :   RFID ref = new RFID();   IMendixObject data = Core.instantiate(getContext(), "MyFirstModule.Data");   ConnectionTCP connectiontcp = new ConnectionTCP();   try {   connectiontcp = ref.exchangeData(IP, Math.toIntExact(Port), connectiontcp);   ILogNode logger = Core.getLogger("Trace the log : TxBuffer");   logger.info("Info log message");   if (connectiontcp == null) {   connectiontcp.txBufferStr = "Empty value";   }   logger.info("Variable value: " + connectiontcp.txBufferStr);   data.setValue(getContext(), "TxBuffer", connectiontcp.txBufferStr);   data.setValue(getContext(), "RxBuffer", connectiontcp.rxBufferStr);   Core.commit(getContext(), data);   return data;   } catch (Exception e) {   e.printStackTrace();   ILogNode errorLogger = Core.getLogger("ErrorLogger");   errorLogger.error("Exception during data exchange: " + e.getMessage());   return data; }
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