I have a problem with the module package attached loading

Hello,   After importing the app package  attached in each module, when I try to run it locally I receive a pop up message saying "compilation of Java action failed". Please advice what to do to fix it.   many thanks Gio   
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Hi Giovanni,


you can click on "view details" where it says, which module throws an error. Usually you just need to check which module is faulty and upgrade it via the appstore to the latest version.


Hey Giovanni!


The files that are installed for the Mendix SSO are these:
























I assume that the maybe you have some of them duplicated or the same jar with a different version

Could you please check it? Please keep the latest version



Hey Giovanni! 

Could you add the whole log of the error. Maybe there we can see whats causing this issue.

However, I would recommend you to update all your modules from the marketplace and also maybe clicking here: image.png

As I had some problems regarding with the dependencies in the past and maybe that's your problem. 


Hope this helps you.




Thanks a lot for your kind reply. 

I have done the synchronized dependencies as you suggested but no results.




Hey Giovanni!

Checking your log error I see that your problem is the MendixSSO module.Can you go to the marketplace, search it and do an update of that module?


I have seen there is another question on the forum with the same issue: https://forum.mendix.com/link/space/app-development/questions/127480

The steps that they say to fix it are:

  • Re-implement MendixSSO by redownloading it from the marketplace, then remove from <projectdir>/userlib any jar-files having a newer version, then delete  <projectdir>/deployment, then again in StudioPro try to start your project


Kind regards,



I think that updating the Mendix module is fine and makes sense but what about deleting the single jar files for every project I import is actually something that I would rather not do it...supposing I would know I to do it...don't you agree?