java actions for generating the pdfs

hi team , how i can write the java actions for downloading the pdfs? 1. first i want to send the list of data as a param to the java actions. 2. how i can genereate the pdf template inside the java action ? just like we have the generate pdf activity in mendix. 3. after that how i can download the data in my java actions ?   actually i have create a microflow for download the pdf and it works fine in my local machine . but it takes a lot of time to download the pdf on cloud/aws. if you have any suggestions how i can optimize my microflow , plz tell in brief  otherwise plz tell the solutions for the above query also.   thanks in advance !!
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You shouldn't need to do this in Java yourself. This is core functionality for the platform and will be using Java libraries itself. If you've not tried it yet, take a look at the Document Generation module in the Marketplace.


Good luck!