Customized Java Action In The After Startup Microflow

Hello everyone,   I've created a Java action that opens a connection bus Q, when adding it in the pages its working just fine, but when adding it to the After Startup Microflow it keeps trying to run the application but it doesn't work, yet it does not fail   P.S: it does not return any value and after checking all the java action, all of them even if nothing should be returned they all return a boolean, might it be because of that ?
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Hi Khalil Resheq

if the logic inside the JA is about opening a connection

Please try to execute it in the background 




Hi Khalil,


Did you add a breakpoint to the ASU microflow to make sure it goes through the java action?

The ASU microflow is used to prepare everything before starting the app, so it actually runs during startup and not after startup. That's the reason why most of the java actions/sub microflows that you see on the ASU microflow have a boolean as the return value, so that if something fails, the start of the app is canceled. I don't think that the reason for your problem is that you don't have a returning value.



Inês Fragoeiro