Error in generating Deeplink

Hi colleagues,   I have an error when clicking a link as a deeplink     This is happens probably because the value here is false, which supposedly true     This is the sub microflow of DeeplinkHome where the java action retrieves false and therefore returning it as false too   I also had put the startdeeplink microflow in the start up as instructed.     Even this sample link setup of Deeplink configuration I had generates the same error     My question is what could be the reason why it is returning false.  Had it become true, my configurations on the deeplink should have been executed and probably dont have an error when I click the link.   Thanks!
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Did you configure the microflow as Deeplink? 2 solutions how you can do this:

  • Add an extra microflow to your after startup called 'Initialize deeplink' and add the 'SetObjectParameterDeeplink' or 'SetStringParameterDeeplink' in this MF. This depends on your needs.
  • Add the snippet 'DeeplinkConfigurationOverview' to a page and configure your microflow as deeplink when you're logged in as admin/developer.