How to Install & Configure Apache POI in JAVA Eclipse

Hi Experts,   Has anyone here configured Java Apache POI in Eclipse? I've already installed Apache POI v5.2.3 in my project's 'Referenced Libraries' folder."   I tried to initialized the import of Apache POI   But when I try to RUN the project, error occurs like this.   Any help from you guys  on how to configure the Apache POI Library on my Mendix, is highly appreciated. Thanks    Regards,  Dale
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Hey Dale,


You need to add the jar file of Apache poi library in 'userlib' folder of the project. Once you add the file in this folder, you need to go back to studio pro and then click on 'deploy for eclipse' this will synchronise project folder with your eclipse folder. After that it will work. Also try running app and it should work.


Thanks & Regards,

Naman Khard