ImageCrop Marketplace module cause image rotating in portrait mode for Iphone

I'm using the ImageCrop module to let the user able to take photo on their Iphone. However, when we take photo in portrait mode for Iphone and going through the java action (ImageCrop.ScaleImage) to compress the image, the photo will be rotating 90 degree anticlockwise. I have checked the java code but I didn't found anything that will cause the image to be rotating. There's no issue in landscape mode for Iphone. I have also tried with another marketplace module (Image Compressor) to compress the image but the image is still rotating. Is there any solution for this?  
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The module is probably not respecting the Orientation EXIF metadata in the original image. So when the image is scaled, this tag is omitted and the image appears to be rotated by 90 degrees.


If you are comfortable writing Java, my solution would be to find this data in the original image file and add it manually to the scaled image, or to rotate the image directly if detected.


I hope this helps.