Excel Importer Java action fails

Hi Everyone,   We are migrating our application to Mendix version 10.6.1, during the process Excel importer was upgraded to version 10.6.2, During Testing Excel Import fails while executing StartImportByTemplate Java action with below error Message.   Error in execution of monitored action '{"name":"ExcelImporter.IVK_ImportTemplateDocument","type":"Microflow"}' (execution id: 68a3f57e-6d11-405e-9401-26b43d19ed03, execution type: CLIENT_ASYNC_MONITORED)java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.logging.log4j.util.LoaderUtil.getClassLoaders()[Ljava/lang/ClassLoader;   Also when I checked the settings of module, org.apache.poi.poi-ooxml, V 5.2.5 was expected.   But in the Userlib only org.apache.poi.poi-ooxml Version 4.1.2 was available.   Please guide me how to proceed on the issue.   Thanks & Regards, Balaji S
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Hey Balaji,


As you already found the issue the quick resolution can be in userlib folder, replace ooxml file with version 5.2.5 and then try if it works.


Thanks & Regards,

Naman Khard