Is it possible to set default values for Java action parameters?

I have a Java action (exposed as microflow action), acting as a wrapper for another microflow, that allows a developer to set the values of a number of parameters that are then passed to the microflow by the Java action.   Is it possible to set default values to the parameters of that Java action, so that devs only need to change the ones they want to change instead of having to set each variable every time the Java action is used in a microflow?
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I fail to see why you will not just call the microflow directly as a submicroflow, but assuming your java code just passes the parameters to the microflow call, why not add a check to see if the parameter is left empty and then pass a default value in its place?

It would be better still to create a submicroflow instead of a java action and place the logic there so that you don't introduce invisible code and having to mark microflows as 'used'.