Advice on Input settings for DeepClone

Hi, I am using the Java Action ‘DeepClone’ to make a duplicate of an object with most of its associations and references. The reason I am using DeepClone rather than just creating a new object and listing the copied attributes and associations is that the entity refers to File and Image entities which I want to copy too. I can copy their attributes but not the files themselves. Yes, I do want to copy the files, not just associate to the originals. So, DeepClone will copy the object (called Action) but with the following problems: The file and images are still not copying. The parent is also copying, so I now have cloned Action Plans. I can’t find much documentation on DeepClone. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Wendy,

Create a new object for both image and file then use these java actions present in community commons( see image below) to copy from original object

then change these new objects to associate to main cloned entity and commit




Hope it helps!



Thanks for your quick answer Sharad. That works perfectly. Looks like I was just trying to overcomplicate things. 


Thank you.