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Hi, I'm a bit new to this. I'm developing an application in which I use the 3d viewer service to visualize jt files. Additionally I want a small popup window to appear (preferably near the selected part), showing information about the selected part. How can I achieve this? What information is accessible?   I'm also using the PM tree table and since the part that gets selected in the 3d viewer get highlighted in the PM tree, information about what the selected part is has to be stored somewhere right? Where?   I have read about the On Selection Change in the 3D Viewer docs but can't figure out what the selection attribute should be. Also, here they talk about the use of mx.viewer3D.getObjects() and IPart.getProperties() but I don't understand how these should be used since these has to be the input when calling the JavaScript.       Thank you, Edwin
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I've had this working in the past

Here is what I set my selection change attribute to: