Print to Brother label printer from Mendix app

We are new to Mendix and currently develop in OutSystems. In OutSystems we had an on-prem server that we connected a Brother label printer as a network printer. Brother provided c# (they also have a java version) to manually print to the printer using a template (local file on the vm) where using their c# we pass the label text, which template to use and which printer (its name) to print to.  We want to recreate this in react, however we are looking at private cloud. I can see how to get the java from Brother and create a new action to be called from our code - but how about how to add the printer as a network printer to the private cloud instance we will be running our applications on? Or would we need to have an in between vm that has the printers added and we somehow trigger the java to run on that vm? Has anyone done anything like this?
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