The following files are conflicted

I have an app ungraded from version 9.21 to 10.8.1.Unfortunately I get the error message see picture. This happens when I try to push and merge the new version without changes I have already tried the following. Undo all changes and redo them again. Delete the Javasource folder Do you have any ideas?
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I don't know if you did this, but I'd advise to upgrade with a couple of intermediate steps. First, upgrade to the highest available version of 9, then upgrade to the lowest version of mendix 10. If you get that one running, then upgrade to your desired Mendix 10 version.


Additionally, when you upgrade modules from the app store don't forget to delete old JARs in order to avoid duplicates.


Hi Patrick,

Redownload the bizzomate and community commons module from the marketplace after upgradation


First Syncronize with the Local Directory. Then deploy to eclipse.

In eclipse IDE open the project and a java EE project, once build from there.

There you can see exactly which libraries are conflicted at Java level. You can see Red markings

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 7.17.01 PM.jpg

from there is you see any red marks on the libraries, remove them and test.