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Hello everyone, I'm using the PDF Document Generation and I have to print a page with two custom widget made with React and a datagrid 2. The solution print a document with only the name of the app and the column headers. Can you help me?   (Microflow used)   (Wanted Result)   (Result Obtained)     Mendix v.10.9
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Hi Gabriele,


Make sure your DOC_Risk_OpenPage flow only has the open page action, and does not create the data that will be shown in the same flow. Seems like you are now creating and committing in the same flow which will not work. 


Another issue that we ran into with our multi-tenant application was that the correct styling was not applied. I would advise you to also put your DOC_Risk_OpenPage flow somewhere on a page where you can trigger it manually. This way you can properly check the properties and styling of your widgets with the inspector, and see if there is no data at all or if it's styled in a way that makes elements "invisible".