Application wont start

Dear Forum,   When i try to start my application  on production level it gives te following message: 'error, you've already configured that setting'. The log reads the following message - Jan 13 07:55:03.546 tr10000: INFO - M2EE: Stopping MxRuntime now. Jan 13 07:55:03.547 tr10000: INFO - Core: The MxRuntime is shutting down now... Jan 13 07:55:03.547 tr10000: INFO - ActionManager: Shutting down ActionManager now, running actions will be terminated... Jan 13 07:55:03.549 tr10000: INFO - Core: The MxRuntime is now stopped. Jan 13 07:55:03.612 tr10000: INFO - M2EE: Stopping Logging and AdminServer now. Jan 13 07:55:05.599 tr10000: INFO - XMPPConnector: connected. Jan 13 07:55:05.602 tr10000: INFO - XMPPConnector: Registered '' as cloud portal contact Jan 13 07:55:05.692 tr10000: INFO - Core: Mendix Runtime 4.7.2 (build 908). Copyright © 2003-2013 Mendix bv. All rights reserved. Jan 13 07:55:05.863 tr10000: INFO - Logging: Logging to file: /srv/cloud/slots/tr10000/deploy/data/log/m2ee.log, max size: 2048KiB, max rotation: 10   Does anybody know how to solve this problem?
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This part of the logging is not very helpfull. Is this in the cloud or on premis? If you are on premis you could check your m2ee log. If in the standard cloud file a support ticket.

I assume you do not have the problem when working local?