IMAP-POP3-email-JVM Out of Memory error detected

Our App uses the IMAP-POP3-email module to replicate emails from an external server. It was working fine in Production for several days and then crashed when the email replication was run (as a scheduled event). The same App has been working fine, and continues to work fine, in the Acceptance Test enevironment. The Production Log says  Jan 22 20:31:51.905 tr10000: JVM Out of Memory error detected Whenever the replication event is run it crashes the App with the error above - plus lots of other error messages which are not intelligible to me. Can anyone throw any light on the reason why the App in the Acceptance environment should operate OK when the same App in the Production environment doesn't. Many thanks.
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There are a number of possibilities.  Some questions to help troubleshoot:

  • is the scheduled event that crashes running in Acceptance?  Check your acceptance environment to see if the scheduled event is enabled
  • if it is running, is the running against the same mail server and mailbox (or set of mailboxes) on the external server?
  • How often does the scheduled event run?
  • Do you have some metric about how many emails the scheduled event retrieves and processes?  If so, did that number increase significantly on the day the event failed?
  • Can you post more of the error log entries in your question?


My first guess would be that the scheduled event retrieved more emails (a lot more) when it crashed, but that's just a hunch.  The answers to the questions above may help to determine that.  If it is really volume related, then you will need to do some re-architecting of the scheduled event to retrieve and process in smaller batches.