Importing Data - Excel, XML, JSON

  We are trialling Mendix and want to import some existing data into a test application Have tried the ExcelImporter but get issues with referenced entities (using the example here, viz There is a parent association configured (MendixExample.Order_Customer) but no parent object provided. Have read elsewhere on this site that references and Excel can be 'tricky' and it not clear how we would debug this sort ofissue as it is inside a Java module So question is: a) Presumably the excel Imported does work fro referenced objects as advertised, if so how would we go about debugging our issue? b) Would we be better off importing from an XML or JSON document given we have about 12 tables with relations but only a few thousand rows in the largest of these Mendix Runtime 6.10.3 (build 12178).    
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We have been able to use references without issue within our application. We use the excel importer to handle most of our data imports. Here is a screenshot of how we configured one of our references. Hopefully this helps.