Java compile error, upgrade from 5.21.6 to 6.10.7

Hi All, I am upgrading a V5 app to V7 and have successfully gone to 5.21.6 and am now stepping to 6.10.7. When I try to run locally I get the following java compile error, can anyone help resolve please? Thanks, Simon.     [javac] C:\Scratch\Mendix\myClarks-V5 to V7\javasource\usersignupresetpassword\actions\ error: method initializeSession in class Core cannot be applied to given types;     [javac]         ISession session = Core.initializeSession(context, user, null, "");     [javac]                                ^     [javac]   required: IUser,String     [javac]   found: IContext,IUser,<null>,String     [javac]   reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length
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Hi Simon,

Seems like the interface has been changed -

Now you dont need the context or localle to initialize the session. So you can safely remove them from your code. Open your java file  C:\Scratch\Mendix\myClarks-V5 to V7\javasource\usersignupresetpassword\actions\ into an editor and replace

​ISession session = Core.initializeSession(context, user, null, "");
​ISession session = Core.initializeSession(user, "");

That should be it.
If this action is comming from an appstore module perhaps you need to update that module?

Hope this helps,


Hi Andrej,

Thank you, that cleared the error.

Best Regards,