Cannot build a system due to Errors

I'm trying to build a system for the first time (by first time, I mean that this is the first time I have developed on it - it has ran for a colleague), however I get 'Compilation of Java actions failed'. And then this is always followed by a 'Java heap space' error. I then upped the memory that the app is using to 1024 and then 2048 and still there is a Java heap space error. I have tried: -redownloading the app -redownloading app + modeler -updating java -using a postgres (not built in) database I'm unsure what to do about this, I can't get the system running! Any help is great. EDIT: Here is the error I am getting Cheers.
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Can you elaborate on the Java code. Did you yourself put Java code in or did you only dowload some modules? The exact error code would be helpfull to pinpoint the problem.




This error can be from many different conditions. The best way to find this problem is to load the project into Eclipse locally and try to compile and run the application. 

Follow the instructions from Mendix to export the code to Eclipse and then try to recompile.  Post the errors and I will try to help.