Custom Java policies

I need ability to read files from java action in my deployment/data/files folder. For now it's restricted with java policies. I get  AccessControlException: access denied ("" "C:\...\deployment\data\files" "read") I tried to add add Extra JVM parameters inline or in new file but I get "Error: Could not find or load main class " and I am not sure that settings will work on cloud server anyway. I tried to edit \deployment\data\.policy file directly but it doesn't help. I tried to change "C:\Program Files\Mendix\7.3.0\modeler\runtemplates\deployment\data\.policy" file but settings from there was not inherited in my project.  Could, please, someone help me with that? Update, after some time changes made at "C:\Program Files\Mendix\7.3.0\modeler\runtemplates\deployment\data\.policy" were implemented and now working, so now my question is Will it work on cloud? And if there is any cleaner way so I don't have to apply same settings for all projects with same version of modeler?
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The only place you can reach with Java is explained in this post:

All other locations are restricted and can not be reached.