Scheduled Event not triggered anymore.

In one of our applications we use a Scheduled Event to retrieve email messages. This event uses the IMAP_POP3_email module. The event should be triggered every 10 seconds. Once in a while the Scheduled Event keeps running and is not triggered again then. Latest action shown in stack trace is JavaAction: IMAP_POP3_email.RetrieveEmailMessages. We do not known what causes the problem. The process is shown under "Running Now" but cannot be killed. After a refresh the process is still running (for > 50.000 seconds). Action Stack: IMAP_POP3_email.RetrieveEmailMessages    JavaAction ModelIntegration.SUB_IMAP_POP3_GET    Microflow    Current activity: 'RetrieveEmailMessages' ModelIntegration.AT_IMAP_Pop3_Start.nested.90b09b2c-39e9-4c73-9635-082431e0865b    Microflow    Current activity: 'Get E-mail' ModelIntegration.AT_IMAP_Pop3_Start    Microflow    Current activity: 'Loop iteration' Only way to get the process running again now is by restarting the complete environment. Is there a way to prevent the JavaAction (in IMAP_POP3_email) from running that long?  
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That is exactly the reason why sometimes instead of 1 SEF running each minute I create 5 SEF running every five minutes. Because then you could reset the environment during off hours.