Hash java action from communitycommons failing.

Hi, I'm having problem with hashing in mendix using the hash java action from the community commons. We have an app that uses mendix 4.4.3 (i know, terrible) and when i use the hash java action it returns different outcomes everytime. I found this topic on the mendix forum: https://community.mendix.com/link/questions/8358 where someone had the same problem. Eric provided the answer ( i noticed that it was the same problem because my hashes also have '[B@78d80b8xx' as outcome), but his answer was 2 years ago and now disappeared from expirebox. So to make a long story short. Could you please help me with editing the java code of the hash action (actually the stringUtils) such that i can get this hashing to work? Thnx in advance
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The code of the hash function has been updated in June.
Did you already try that one?



Eric Tieniber provided a link to Github which contains corrected code. Did you try that?


Hi Albert,

I am assuming that you need hash values to quickly check if two objects are not equal.

If this is the case I would use the standard java 

String - int:hashCode()

Using the Mendix runtime API you can start with the following code:

IMendixObject imo = my_entity.getMendixObject();
int hash = 0;
int mult = 1;
for ( ImendixObjectMember member : 	getMembers(ctx).values() ) {
   hash += mult * member.parseValueToString(ctx).hashCode();
   mult *= 31;
return hash;

You might need to correct for references, virtual attributes and system attributes but this is a good starting point.

Hope this helps,