Custom loginhandler no longer works

Hi, we created a custom login handler to dynamically add roles to the user on login. This was working properly in Modeler 6.10.3, however when upgrading our project to 6.10.4 or later, this feature no longer works. We do not see any errors, or things broken, but the system will not add the roles to the user. Do you have any suggestions or more info if this feature is still supported? Edit: Custom login actions when the end-user signs into the system is still supported using a custom login handler. Before 6.10.4 you could add user roles to the session, however this no longer works, and you need to create and return a new session in the custom login action. 
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 Custom login handlers are still supported in Mendix 7: I have created custom login functionality to check for a Google Authenticator token when logging in. The problem I encountered in Mendix 7 was that I could no longer upgrade an anonymous user's session (Mendix no longer upgrades sessions, but returns a new session). So, my solution in Mendix 7 consists of a custom login handler which redirects the user to a custom request handler (by using a URLRedirector widget). In the custom request handler, I set the new sessionID in the cookie of the user and then the user continues to the application.