SAML Error - Mendix server fails and cant startup again

We're trying to use SSO for our application. We've loaded the module and configured with metadata. The application starts up and runs for while and then errors out (shuts down). We cannot start it again.   Error in log: Oct 18 14:49:06.010 - INFO - SAML_SSO: Loading urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:protocol metadata from /srv/cloud/slots/tr10000/deploy/data/tmp/saml_IdPFile1508356146009.xml Oct 18 14:49:06.304 - CRITICAL - ActionManager: Error in execution of monitored action '{"name":"SAML20.Startup","type":"Microflow"}' (execution id: e8129278-4b1b-4cfb-93e9-326ca87b8e54, execution type: CUSTOM) Oct 18 14:49:06.307 - CRITICAL - ActionManager: (1/55) java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils.sha1Hex([B)Ljava/lang/String; Oct 18 14:49:06.307 - CRITICAL - ActionManager: (2/55) #011at     Anyone know what could be causing this? We have other apps using SSO and they run just fine.
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Hi Brian, just saw your question here. I've seen this caused by JAR file conflict in a few projects recently. Essentially you end up with more than 1 JAR file in your userlib folder that provides the same class. One of them is an older version and doesn't have the method above.

Here's one forum question about it:

And another that I commented on recently, with some instructions on how to find the problem JAR:


File a bug report. I have never seen this error. Looks like an after startup error of the SAML module. The only thing I can think of is checking your userlib on duplicate libraries.