Did Overlay function in Community Comons change between version 5 and 7 of the platform ?

We use the Overlay functionality to create a PDF. Somtimes the PDF has more then one page, in which case the second and subsequent pages do NOT get the logo etc.  This worked fine in V5 but in V7(.5.1) it seems to "repeat" the logo for every page, even though the overlay has a blank second page (which was the workout we used before) Can anyome shed some light on this ?
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The functionality has only changed insofar as the PDFBox library used has been upgraded from v1.x to v2.0. The library itself underwent a significant refactoring however.

Based on a quick review of the code in /javasource/Misc.java, the module is using the setDefaultOverlayPDF function. PDFBox offers another method called setFirstPageOverlayPDF. I'd recommend you first try just changing the method called and see if that works, and then properly implement this by adding an option to the overlay Java action.


Hi Lex,

This turned out to be a conflict in a specific JAR file, see the thread:


So, if this is the case, remove  'pdfbox-1.8.5.jar' and rebuild the project.