Decrypt text in SQL Server, which was encrypted by CommunityCommons.EncryptString

Hello All,  We have a Mendix app that is using the CommunityCommons.EncryptString to encrypt some customer data that we need to decrypt in SSRS for reporting purposes.  I found this string below, but cannot figure out how to decode it at the SQL Server level. When I attempt to first decode the base64, SQL says the string is not a valid base64 encode. Alternatively if I Try and create a Symmetric Key using the same Key that we are using in Mendix for the encode, I get nothing back at all. Any assistance is appreciated. 
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Be aware that the value that is returned from the encrypt action returns 2 base64 encoded strings separated with a semi-colon. It returns the encrypted data as base64 and the used cipher as base64.

Have a look at the decrypt function in the community commons to see the decryption and translate that into the procedure needed on the database level