java action that call microflows asynchronous

Hi. I need to call the same microflow with list of objects at the same time. But my java action gets called from my main microflow but does not continue after the executeAsync call.  Does anyone have an example of calling microflow async. Here is my code which does not seem to work. try         {                                   Future<Object> future = Core.executeAsync(Core.createSystemContext(), microflowName, true, __applicationList);              future.get();         }         catch (Exception e)         {             throw new RuntimeException("Failed to run Async: "+ microflowName + ": " + e.getMessage(), e);         }                         return true; Any help will be greatly appreciated.  
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Hi Frankie,

I do not understand why you are calling the microflow async and then invoking futures.get . AFAIK the latter will block until the microflow has finished executing and retunrned a result (or an exception).

Maybe you do not need the futures.get()? If you do need the result of the computation then you should trigger a callback microflow that executes at the end of "microflowName" (by adding a call microflow call in this microflow).