how to get guids from your data view?

Hi, I have a htmlsnippet in a data view, the entity loaded in the data view is non-persistable I can easily start a microflow that does not have any input parameter by using the first example here I would like to start a microflow that uses the entity that is in context in the data view as somewhat suggested here How do I get hold of the context and extract the guids to use in a function?  
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Hey Johan, 

I recently had a situation like this and here's what I did. 

1.) Double checked the HTML Snippet I was using to make sure it was the HTML Snippet w/ Context 

2.) Add a debugger in the HTML Snippet and also add a "var context = this" and see what Mendix Object you're getting 

3.) Explore the MxObject methods, I'm sure there's a function to retrieve the guids of an entity once you have retrieved the pointer from the data view. 

That should help get you started in the right direction.