Mendix 7 upgrade all java actions error

Hi. After upgrading from 6 to 7 all my java Actions have the following errors. is this change correct?   1. getContext(), must be changed to  context() ??? 2. @Override in my toString which all my JavaActions had.  must be removed??? 3.  All the classed show error: The hierarchy of the type xxx is inconsistent   just a sample java action class with the errors.   public class VerifyPassword extends CustomJavaAction<java.lang.Boolean> {     private java.lang.String userName;     private java.lang.String password;     public VerifyPassword(IContext context, java.lang.String userName, java.lang.String password)     {         super(context);         this.userName = userName;         this.password = password;     }     @Override     public java.lang.Boolean executeAction() throws Exception     {         // BEGIN USER CODE         IUser user = Core.getUser(getContext(), userName);         return user != null && Core.authenticate(getContext(), user, password);    seem i need to change to  IUser user = Core.getUser(context(), userName); return user != null && Core.authenticate(context(), user, password);             // END USER CODE     }     /**      * Returns a string representation of this action      */     @Override   ?? not happy with the override anymore     public java.lang.String toString()     {         return "VerifyPassword";     }     // BEGIN EXTRA CODE     // END EXTRA CODE }  
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Hi Frankie,

I am pretty sure there is some issue in your  java compilation. As far as I know Mendix did not made changes to the getContext or toString methods.

(I can still see the getContext method in the docs for Mx 7 - 

Try cleaning your deployment, then redeploying.