Cache is not always properly filled when using java actions

I noticed that my java action was not always retrieving all the latest uncomitted changes when retrieving a object from an association. I retrieve an object like this: Object value = this.parent.getValue(getContext(), metaAssociation.getName()); if (value instanceof IMendixIdentifier) {     IMendixObject object = Core.retrieveId(this.getContext(), (IMendixIdentifier) value); } It's like it came from the database, while the documentation clearly says: Retrieves object with the given id (synchronously). First, the object is attempted to be retrieved from the cache. When the object cannot be retrieve from the cache it will be retrieved from the database. But when I used the Mendix Retrieve action I did get all the uncomitted changes, also from the java action. Looking at the browser post I see that the uncomitted changes are only send to Mendix if the calling microflow contains a Mendix Retrieve action!! I assume this is done to optimize the network calls for performance, but I think it's a very scary phenomenon: when developing java actions we should be able to assume that retrieving objects from cache (as documented) always includes all the latest changes.  
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