GetAppliationURL not working for Custom domain

We have created a custom domain for another company label. I am trying to retrieve this URL via the CC Java action GetAppliationURL but this returns the mendixcloud URL. Is there another way to retrieve this URL?  
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I use these two options:

- Override you ApplicationRootUrl in your Custom Settings so you use the java action you mentioned (GetApplicationURL):
to set in the modeler:



Second option ( I use the most):
Create a constant in your module and set it with your custom url. You can use the constant everywhere in your model after that.


Hi Marco,

This questions explains what the getApplicationurl java action is doing


Since you have a custom domain, your best bet is to write some javascript that stores the url from the browser as as string, executes a microflow, and passes that string as a parameter. This way you can store the value in your database.

To pass this value as a string, I think you might need to create a non persistent entity with an attribute as a string.