Java-Action: memberHasChanged

Hello, I have an object with, among others, a StartDate (Date & Time) member. Before committing this object (again), I want to check whether or not the StartDate has changed compared to the last commit (followed by a different action, depending on the outcome). I have tried using the 'memberHasChanged' Java action from the CommunityCommons module (also in combination with the getOriginalValueAsString action) with multiple setups in the microflow that commits the object, but I always seem to be getting the following error message:  "(value that I am trying to save) has no corresponding member in this object of type '(name of Module. name of Object)', and naturally the new value is therefore not committed. Does anybody have any tips on how to configure these 2 java actions correctly? Cheers, Nils
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Why do you want to use Java actions for this? You can retrieve an object from the database with XPath constraint [id = $Object] and compare its StartDate to the new StartDate. This makes your microflow easier maintainable as well.