Add Header to HTTP Response from Java Action

For our project, we have followed some of the other suggestions on how to override the login logic by creating a custom login user action.  The intent of this change was so that we could manipulate the HTTP Response[IMxRuntimeResponse] (add a cookie, some other header, whatever).  However, it seems that there is no way to access the HTTP Response from within a custom action.  So part one of my question is to verify that assertion. If the above is true, is the best alternative to rewrite the login logic with a custom html page or widget and a corresponding custom RequestHandler.  Or are there ways that I am overlooking on either the Context Object or other Mendix Runtime Object I have access to within the Action that would allow me to accomplish my goal. Or in terms of a third option is there the equivalent of middleware in Mendix that would allow me to inject some custom logic within the HTTP pipeline.   cheers  
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I believe your conclusion is correct for as far as I know you always need a custom request handler to manipulate the response headers.