Community Commons deleteAll - M2EE: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded

  I'm using the CC deleteALL java action which *I thought* was designed to operate in batches and prevent out-of-memory errors when operating on a large number of instances. But I'm getting exactly that - an out of memory error.    Does anyone know why that might be?     Edited to add - There is no cascade delete set up on the entity in question, and no delete events. The entity only has 6 attributes.   
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Doyou have delete behaviour in your domain model related to the deleted entity? This might be causing your problem.

If deleting one instance of your entity causes a lot of other objects to be deleted this may still cause memory issues.

E.g. In this domain model, if a LogNode has 100 Logs and each Log 100 LogLines.

CC.deleteAll will delete 1000 LogNodes at once, which results in 10.000.000 LogLines to be deleted.