DigestUtils NoSuchClassMethod Error in SecurityHelper

I am having the exact same problem with the DigestUtils java class returning a NosuchMethod error from the Security Helper object as reported in an earlier post. I have just recently upgraded to 7.13. I have tried clearing down the deployment/model/lib/UserLib directory to no avail. The relevant commons-codec jars are imported on build. This is currently breaking the application. Was the previous reporters problem resolved? Any suggestions how to reolve?
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A bit of a niggly problem with this and it all does seem to come down to conflicting .jar files.

The one causing me a problem was


I also had a number of older

commons-codec jars aswell. However, this had not changed from my previous working project so its a little strange how the conflict has occurred.

I resolved the problem by removing all the offending .jar files and importing the latest commons-codec jar as deployed with Modeller version 7.13 into the project Userlib directory.