access denied Custom Java Action

I am getting below exception when I call a method from an external jar file in my custom java action code. access denied ("" "C:\Users\rby5pq\Test\" "read") Looks like that method is internally reading some file from Users directory. It works fine when call the same method from standalone java program. I am not sure if I have to enable any file related permissions in my project. Any help is appreciated
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Changing the policy under your mendix installation directory can help when working locally or with an on premise deployment. However if you are planning to use the cloud this will not be a viable option as in the cloud the only read permissions are on the resource and tmp directories in the deployment directory and you can't change the policy on the cloud environment. So if you want to use this code in the cloud I would try to find out why a local file is being called and try and prevent this as it seems unnessary maybe?