Java-Action changes in eclipse not reflecting

Hello all, I'm new to java actions in Mendix and I'm just starting with a simple example (altering a string with a "show message" event afterward) to get myself more familiar with them. After deploying the project to eclipse the first time and returning a simple string, the show message event worked as expected returning the desired string. After playing around with it more however, no changes I make in eclipse reflect in the modeler when running my project. Even something as simple as appending "!!!" to the end of the original string does not work when running my project. I saw on a question asked a few years ago that using "synchronize project directory" in the modeler fixed this, but for me this does not seem to be working.  Is there something else I can do to make the changes I make in eclipse reflect in the modeler?   Thanks in advance for all answers.
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Hello Adam, 

They should be flowing through if you've rebuilt the project.

I suggest taking the following steps: 

1) Make sure you've saved the actions in eclipse - Also try refreshing the project folder in case Mendix overwrote your code on build 

2) Make sure you're looking at the right project in the right branch (Sounds silly but it gets all of us sometimes)

3) Re-run the project from Mendix

If the above doesn't work you can try to:

- Clear deployment directory and run the project afterwards

- Deploy for eclipse and from eclipse through "Debug configurations" run from there

- Attempt a different Mendix version (in the unlikely case this is a version problem)

Hope this helps