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I only want a MF to run if the object has changed.  I thought the java action listed in the title would enable me to do that.  It has one input, simple enough.  I point it to the Object (Happens to be the input parameter on the MF).  I set my break point on the java action, and see that in spite of me going to the object in the client, and changing an attribute, the java action "objectHasChanged" does not return true. The MF is triggered as part of the after commit event handler on the object. Am I misusing the java Action?  In what context should it be used and how?   Thanks.    
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Hello Edward,

The object has changed java action does a db retrieve and compares that to your current object, so it wouldn't work after a commit.

If you put it in a before commit it should be fine.

Hope this helps.


I’m getting the same result as Edward, i.e., no change recognized