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Hi all, I'd like to get my application full URL as a string. e.g.) I tried to create MicroFlow using 'GetApplicationUrl' JavaAction.  However, I can only get my application root URL as we thought. e.g.)http://localhost:8080/ The reason I would like to do this is to control the screen based on the URL when accessing Application as anonymous user. I'm wondering how I can get these. Could anyone suggest any solutions? Thanks in advance!  
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Hi Toshiya,

One way to do this is to use javascript, store the url in a variable, create a non-persistent entity with a string attribute and set the value of the attribute to the variable, then call a microflow with the non-persistent entity as the parameter. Then you will have the url that the user accessed the application from in a microflow and can determine what to do from there.

Here is a link to the api documentation.


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Hi, how can I know the URL of my app that I work on it in my Laptop? I want to open the app on my smartphone via the  Mendix Make It Native app.

Please help me…

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