Import of a Form Like Excel Sheet

Hi All, I need to import a data excel into my Application the format of Which is different  from the what is supported by Excel Import Module in Mendix. I have tried to replicate the data excel here. Header       Datacolumn1              Datacolumn2 A                    1                                         2 B                    3                                         4 C                    5                                        6 D                   7                                         8 E                   9                                         10 We can't change the format of the data excel here it has to be like this only. If Anybody have been able to import this type of data excel into any of their application kindly let me know.
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how is that different from what the import module supports? I don't see the actual problem here.

It would help if you could show how you want to represent that data in your domain model.

regards, Fabian


If you don't have a good reason to store this data in a single entity you should indeed follow Mike's suggestion.

Entity: Sample

Attributes: Header / DataColumn1 / DataColumn2.

On Import you would then get 5 objects.

After the import you can still do further processing to bring the data into a different format if needed.


Here is the screenshot of the domain Model.



In your spreadsheet, you have 3 columns.  To import this data into Mendix, you will need to create an entity with 3 attributes:  Header, Datacolumn1 and Datacolumn2.

Then when you set up an import template for this data, you will map column 0 to attribute Header, column 1 to attribute Datacolumn1 and column 2 to Datacolumn2.

Hope that helps,