java action correction overwritten by Modeler

Hi There,   I am trying to use the EmailTemplate module. In doing so i get errors referring to file javasource/emailtemplate/actions/ The error can be easily corrected in But as soon as i try to build in the Mendix Modeler, the changes made in are undone and  the file is modified to original situation. What do you need to do to have the changes  made in Eclipse, synchronized to the Mendix Modeler
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In java actions you can only change the code between the comments "begin user code" and "end user code". If you edit anything outside of that, the modeler will overwrite it. Whats the error that you are receiving? Is your email module up to date? Maybe try updating it from the app store?


Edit: Oh I've seen this before. Sometimes the module will add "Parameter1" at the end of parameters when importing. When you remove the parameter 1 part, the modeler overwrites these changes? Check the java action in the modeler to see what the parameter is called. If it has parameter1 in it, you can change it from the modeler. 


Hi Austin,

I have just downloaded the EmailTemplate module from the App Store.

When i try to run my application it get errors related to java action

It is easy to spot the error and correct it

The highlighted line should say

this.Subject = SubjectParameter1

because on 3 plaes there are references to this.subject


Thanks Austin,

I have changed  the 3 references as you indicated, and that indeed works.

Thanks for your excellent support.