java action CalculateGeo doesnt seem to work for a location attribute outside de Googlemaps Module

I would like to use de java action CalculateGeo from the GoogleMaps Module from the mendix store to calculate the coordinates for a location entity not located in the domain model of the GoogleMaps module. When I try this, I don't get any application error, but always get the message that it the given location could not be found.  When I try the same thing with the location entity in de domain model from the google maps module it does give me the right coordinates. Is it true that the java action "CalculateGeo" doesn't work properly when it is used for a location entity in an other module or am i missing something? When it is true, is there something to be done about it I appreciate your help
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Hi Peter,

I looked at the CalculateGeo code and its implemented specifically for the Location object in the google maps module. If you don't want to use that entity you can change the java action code to set the longitude and latitude attributes of a different entity. 

To do that first you would need to change the parameter object type in the java action to the entity that you want to use. 


Then you would need to open the code up in eclipse or Intellij and change the setLatitude and setLongitude to the new latitude and longitude attributes.

Here is a link for editing java actions in eclipse.


Hope this helps!


Thank you for your quick response

I will try tomorrow (it's bedtime over here :-) )