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Hi everybody, I was wondering what the best way would be to call associations of an odata service. I'm able to get a list for example using the well known: @Module.odataurl + '/' + toString(Module.EntitySetNames.AnySet) But assuming I get a list of objects from this call, lets call them “ObjectResult”, how would an association call look like if the association name would be something like “AnySetAssociation”? I think I'm confused because of the Parent parameter that is mentioned in the java call to get a list. Do I need to provide the retrieved object or does the microflow already knows it is there? I can only think of something like @Module.odataurl + '/' + toString(Module.EntitySetNames.AnySet) + '(' + ObjectResultKey + ')' + '/' + toString(Module.EntitySetNames.AnySetAssociation. Hope you can help and that the question isn't to “vague” :-) Kind regards Laurens <edition> Just tested a few of the standard Odata examples Mendix has as an application (purchaseorder etc) and I discovered the odataquerybuilder. Let's start there first ;-)
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Hi Laurens,


How do you know that the Odata service expose the association like you would expect? Is it a Mendix application exposing like that? In most cases whenintegrating with a non-Mendix oData service it is high likely a different domain model, so the exposed service (domain) is set up differently.


How I get normally oData implemented is:

1 – get just the response with Postman, by executing the oData get call including the headers


2 – based on the response of 1 ( a JSON) you can create a JSON structure and IMPORT mapping to your domain model,  and create the non persistent entities based on the response

3 – Then you can do whatever you want towards the other (non) persistent objects of your choice, including the associated objects etc.



I think I've got it. Looks like you can construct it all by yourself, or just use the parent (see Query where the parent used is the PurchaseOrder.)



Hi everybody,

So I'm finally integrating a sap odata service (reverse proxy) but I'm still struggling with the association part. I use the method as described above but somehow I get a 403 error (nothing more). Funny thing is that when I get the url from debugging and put that into the browser, all works well. I included the current CSRF token as well in the call.

So, current call is: $ENTITYFROMSAP/TO_OTHERENTITYDeferred   (just like the Purchaseorder example)

Anyone got an idea what could cause the problem of 403?